The Country of a Thousand Islands


Brijuni Islands in Croatia

The Brijuni islands are a cluster of 12 islands and two islets located in the northern part of the Adriatic sea.They stretch along the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula and are separated from the Istrian mainland by the Fazana Channel, which is three kilometers wide. Although the islands themselves cover a surface area of barely seven kilometers, they are part of a national park whose boundaries include a surrounding sea area of 33 kilometers. This National Park of Brijuni was established in 1999.

One of the many notes of distinction earned by Brijuni is the Brioni Polo Classic tournament that has taken place there every year since 2004. Brioni is Italian for Brijuni. The first international polo tournament took place on the Island of Brijuni in 1924. The many archeological sights and areas of natural beauty of these islands can be viewed on foot, bicycle or horseback.



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The Kornati Islands

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The Elaphite Islands

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