The Country of a Thousand Islands

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Cruise along the most beautiful Coast Line in the World!

A Croatia cruise is definitely the best way to explore Croatian Adriatic Sea and its coast line. You get to visit many beautiful Mediterranean towns and experience the most stunning coast line in the world. A Croatia cruise will leave you with a lasting memory of the astonishing beauty, the crystal clear water and the most stunning scenery. Take a cruise or just tour with a vintage sailing ship along the Dalmatian coastline and discover the uncountable beauties and nature of Croatia.

You can also start your Crotia cruise in Venice! Cruise the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Greece to the ancient town of Zadar and the island of Korcula and its medieval old town. Call at the Montenegro port of Kotor in its picturesque bay location, the resort of Sarande in Albania opposite Corfu and on to the Greek island of Paxi. A visit to Corinth allows trips to Athens and historic Greece.



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