The Country of a Thousand Islands


Rab Island in Croatia

The island of Rab covers over 93 square kilometers and is surrounded by the clean, blue-green Adriatic sea and many smaller islands. At its southeast end, it is only two kilometers away from the mainland of Croatia. The coastline is rocky in the north and sandy in the south, creating numerous types of beaches where one can sunbathe in complete privacy. .

The island of Rab happens to be a famous location for nude sunbathing, a tradition started in 1934 when a nude beach was officially established there, and practiced by King Edward the VIII when he visited the island in 1936. The first nudist beach established in Rab was Kandarola, which is located on the Frkanj peninsula. Although Cove Ciganka in Lopar is the only other official nude beach, there are many other beaches where nudity is common and accepted, as it is believed to promote tourism to the area.

The island, covered with lush vegetation, fig and olive trees, lavender in bloom, feels eternally fresh and green - like what the mythical garden of Eden must have been. It has a very active nightlife scene, with many bars, discos and nightclubs operating in the town of Rab. There are many things to do. Some favorites are mountain biking, scuba diving, and hiking through the lush, green interior. There are many businesses that cater to providing adventure activities to tourists.



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