The Country of a Thousand Islands


Best Ways to Travel to Croatia

Travel to Croatia and have vacation of a lifetime! With its sublime stretch of Adriatic coast, Croatia has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. More and more people travel to Croatia. The booming tourist industry that was interrupted by war in the early 1990s has swept back in force, and visitors are flocking to its string of coastal and island resorts.

Cheap flights to Croatia are now available from major US and European cities. Croatia is well served by airlines, especially in summer. There are daily flights from London, Frankfurt and Zurich.

Tavel to Croatia

Most people travel to Croatia between April and September. Although the coast is too cool for swimming in April, you'll enjoy warm, clear skies south of Split and rock-bottom accommodation prices. Zagreb is likely to be comfortable and the cultural season is in full swing at this time. May and June are great months for all outdoor activities (except skiing). Watch out for battalions of school students on class field trips at the end of May and beginning of June. Travel to Croatia - it's simple and easy.